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Our means of production

  • Large-scale boiler-making

    • 2000 - 25 000 l. tanks with or without opening base
    • dangerous produce transport tanks
    • tanks suitable for transportation of foodstuffs (minkfood)
    • skips
    • containers...

  • Medium-range boiler-making

    • heavy goods vehicle-bases equipment and accessories
    • reserve tanks
    • tubs and filters
    • pipe-benders
    • manholes
    • industrial silencer
    • skip lifting equipment

  • Favouring the subcontractor

    The wide range of production in the area of forming and welding, together with a constant ans meticulous check of work to be done, leads the CRESSENT Co. to favour and build on its links with subcontractors (wether this be contracting out occasional breakdown work or the production of parts on a regular basis).

  • Standing up to all test

    A rigorous check of all work produced ensures that standards conform to specifications and tolerances.

  • Quality controll

    • Welders ans operators are appropriately qualified (NFA 88110).
    • Records are kept of all welding work done.
    • Equipment is checked by outside authorities: APAVE, BUREAU VERITAS, VINCOTTE.
    • Radiographic welding test carried out on demand.
    • Completed, in situ work checked by DRIRE, APAVE.

  • Furthermore...

    The priviledged relationship the CRESSENT Co. enjoys with its principle customers allows for a nationwide diffusion of its products, as also in several other countries (EEC member states, Africa, Canada...).